cockfights, New Mexico, SantaFe



Just a couple quick ones from the Land of Enchantment.

Last week the bolo tie was named the official state tie of New Mexico. It joins the official state question of ‘Red or green? (referencing types of chile)’ and the official state bird, the roadrunner.

New Mexico is one of the last states where it’s legal to have cockfights, but it may be outlawed in the current legislative session. After that you’ll only be able to sate your thirst for cock in Louisiana. (A roadtrip may be required before the end of the legislative session.)

Once a month Bernalillo county publishes photos of everyone convicted of drunk driving listing their name, blood alcohol level city of residence and when they were apprehended. An amazing form of public humiliation that should be nationwide.

Albuquerque, epicenter of all good, features the Sheepskin Seatcover Store, Beef Jerky Store and I heard a rumor they had a store dedicated to Lucha Libre, the popular Mexican wrestling (Please see Hijo del Santo en La Frontera Sin Ley).

Cheeks, the only strip club in Santa Fe, had an ad for Customer Appreciation Week featuring Bridget the Midget.

Oh yeah, and one more I almost forgot about. In the continuing war with drinking and driving and drivers who drink too much (a huge problem here I hear) the state has purchased a pile of talking urinal cakes to install in bars. They will deliver a message of hope, peace and not drinking while driving. I’m curious to see what will happen. Since these will only be installed in men’s bathrooms, will New Mexico witness a rash of female drunk drivers? Maybe we can install talking tampons in women.

More on these when I get my act together.


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