New Mexico

Parcel Post Fever Baby! You Gots to Get It!


In every state I’ve been to
Every place I’ve gone
Wherever it is I wander
Wherever it is I roam
The one question that always gets me:
Where is my postal home?

I’ve visited numerous towns and villages throughout this great land, and everywhere I go I’ve been shocked and dismayed at the lack of signage denoting where the town hides its post office.

A postcard to a friend, a letter to my dear mother, small boxes addressed to loved ones, all burning a hole in my heart as I wander the streets looking for the local post office.

But not in New Mexico, no, you’ll never have to wonder. Of the 50 states that make up our country, no one knows how to point out a post office like New Mexico.

I recently made a trip through the mountains up to the town of Taos. The bookkeeper at work recommended the drive as one of her favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday. She rambled on and on about the sights, and the mountains, and the lush green forests, and the tiny little towns, but as she talked, my mind wandered.

“But, where do the people in these little towns go to send their mail?” I asked myself.

And as I made my way down winding country roads rambling through tiny, bucolic towns I found my answer. The town of Las Truchas has a small, one-room post office in what appears to be a trailer. You know it’s the post office because there is a sign across the street pointing to it.

And if you make it to Tesuque, why, you’d be hard-pressed to miss their lovely little postal palace. It’s right there, next to the familiar blue rectangle with san-serif type and white border.

“Tesuque Post Office,” it declares proudly.

I’ve never noticed signage accompanying post offices in other towns and maybe it’s just because I’m new and hyper-sensitive to my new location. Or maybe it’s just that New Mexico is cuckoo for post offices!

So, when visiting, be sure you have enough postcards.

And keep an eye on this entry, as I intend to post pictures of New Mexican post offices as I get them.

Photos courtesy of: Can you believe it, a site dedicated to photos of US Post Offices! What joy!


One thought on “Parcel Post Fever Baby! You Gots to Get It!

  1. Mark H says:

    I was unable to send you an e-mail…your contact is by IM…. My question was…I’d like to link your site on my page so I can tell friends to enjoy your posts like I did. May I, Kyle?

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