New Mexico, SantaFe

Lovely Aspens

Did you know that aspen trees are all interconnected and take up a whole hillside and do amazing things and then change wild colors and it’s really wild when you drive up there and look at them? It’s true. It’s very true.

It’s fall in Santa Fe and the aspens are on fire. Unlike California where everything is actually burning, this is just a metaphorical burning. The aspens are covered in bright yellow leaves as they get ready for the winter.

Bree and I took a drive up into the mountains the other day to go for a walk to enjoy the colors and make sasquatch sightings. As we meandered down the trail we greeted each tree as a gift of God, Buddah, Allah, Ali and Steely Dan (I mean, seriously, their melodies are almost god-like) not really, I don’t much care for Steely Dan)). We touched the trees, provided them with encouragement in their plight and admired their wondrous leaves.

Bree even went so far as to kiss one of the trees. I suggested that we should get a picture of this touching moment for posterity. Then the tree broke and Bree fell down the mountain with it.

Don’t kiss or hug aspen trees. They will fall.

Don’t worry though, Bree is okay.

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