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FYI: New Mexicans Love to Drink (Chelada), Drive!!


I was out riding my bike to Eldorado this morning. I think it’s about 10 miles from Santa Fe, but I could be wrong. It’s a long, straight shot of gentle hills through the scrubland surrounding town.

I’ve always been amazed on my bike rides around here. Sure, the scenery is nice, but what impresses me more is the number of beer cans littering the roadway. The population of New Mexico is world-renowned for its collective drinkiness and the roadways prove it. No open container citations if you’ve no containers!

Today I discovered an exciting new trend sweeping the area (if my informal bike ride research is any sort of indicator). Based on the number of king cans in the gravel, I’d have to conclude that the people of Santa Fe are overwhelmingly excited by Budweiser’s new beer+klamato=chelada concoction.

I believe it to be something akin to vomit and would be hesitant to try it, especially based on these Chelada reviews (be sure to check out the first review, tastes like a touch of shit!) But the people here are an adventurous sort.

Not only are they eager to try it, but they are eager to see what it might be like driving with it. I’ve not yet determined if cans littering the roadways are a sign of approval or not (thrown out when Empty=Yay! or Half full=Tastes like turds!).

So that’s it. Thanks for reading today’s observation and three cheers for Budweiser Chelada, now with a touch of shit!


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