To the Forsaken and Lost…

Has it really been since Dec. 29 since I put up anything of mention on this blog-o-mine?

Yes it has and even that was a paltry ode to Molasses. So let it be known that I have not been hit by any wrong-turning, Budweiser-chelada-influenced, New Mexican drivers; but in fact I’ve been dealing with a back that decided to take a break, moving into a new home, purchasing an assortment of furnishings for said home, working like a beaver on the Tuesday after Christmas, hanging out with the lovely Bree and eating copious amounts of green chile and spinach.

this is the first photo that comes up when you search shitstinkI will write soon. Oh yes, I will write glorious stories of the visit by my ineffable younger brother, robot dance parties, explorations far under the earth in Carlsbad, explorations far out of this earth in Roswell and the vast nothingness that is New Mexico between Santa Fe and Carlsbad. Plus the shit stink (the photo at the right is the first image that comes up when you search ‘shit stink’) from the factory dairy operations outside Roswell and the oil stink near Artesia.

Yes, it will be delightful. Be back soon.

Your humble servant


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