New Mexico

Freecycle New Mexico

Freecycle is fun. For those of you who haven’t tried it, you really ought to check it out. It’s usually a Yahoo message board where you can list things you need to get rid of (like a blender) and people write you back about your blender and then you can give them a blender for free and you feel good because you get it out of your house and they feel good because they can make smoothies. Or you can post wants, or things you need, like a blanket and people can send an e-mail saying they have an extra blanket to share and they’ll give it to you and it’s cool because you can get it and then you can stay warm when you’re sleeping on the streets because you just got laid off in the recent economic downturn.

Anyway, it works pretty well in Milwaukee with a larger number of ‘offers’ than ‘wants’. But here in New Mexico, the tone is a bit different. People are ravenous and respond instantaneously when something, anything is offered. And the ‘wants’ far outweigh the ‘offers’.

Today I checked it out and someone posted that they wanted an iPhone. They mentioned how they hear a new iPhone might be coming out and that if anyone wanted to give away their old iPhone they’d be happy to take it.

I would also like an iPhone. And a car. And a house. Please.


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