Hobo ImageI like hobos. Actually, more so I love the idea of hobos. I don’t know that I could ever live on a train drifting from town to town jungling around. I don’t know that I could kill, skin and eat a raccoon or squirrel. But I was rather excited today when I checked out Craplinks and found this exciting 53 minute recitation of hobo names. Check it out now and be as amazed as I.

And maybe while you listen to that, you can check out The National Hobo Museum site and my favorite page on there, the Hobo Code! Well, actually, I can’t find the Hobo Code anymore, which is sad, but it’s posted by my desk so I will remember to, “Decide my own life, and not let another person run or rule me!” That is all.



6 thoughts on “Hobos…

  1. mobilemac says:

    I too like everything about hobos.
    Except for the occasional discomfort – and paranoia.
    In fact I am a hobo.
    When in California, try to visit Black Butte – just north of railroad town of Dunsmuir CA.
    In shadow of mystical Mount Shasta.


    Mobile Mac
    Ozol, Calif.

  2. AndrewOfficial says:

    If your a hobo how do you have a computer?You probaly stole it!Where did you connect it?How could you afford a computer to write that you are a hobo?

    Cynthia and Andrew
    So Your a hobo!Look at the questions above!

  3. frah says:

    I was thinking last night after i saw a musician singing right in front of a drug store and it somehow got me thinking of hobos in the day who would catch trains and hovering around an old garbage bin with fueled by fire trying to warm up his beans in a can. LOVE THE SIMPLICITY IN THAT.

  4. Hello there.
    I really like the good heart you have.
    I’ve been riding freight trains now for almost 22 years and just yesterday started my blogging here.
    (Mostly it’s short stories of my hobo adventures).
    Anyway, nice to read your blogs!

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