hell, New Mexico

Add. Notes from My Office

As I noted earlier in the blog Notes from My Office (Office Note #3), we are located near a crematorium. This is exciting because occasionally when it smells of burgers, you realize it’s actually people.

This addition has little to do with that, but is still in the vein of ‘yeesh.’ I was just getting ready to leave my office around 7pm last night and had drawn the blinds. As I sat down to shut off my computer I saw a person pass my window out of the corner of my eye.

Outside my window there are cottonwood trees, small rocks and an eight-foot brick wall set back about eight feet from my window, but no sidewalk. So I got up and watched the person through my blinds. He proceeded to sit down behind a tree against the wall. I sat back down and continued shutting down my computer.

I looked out a couple minutes later and now the man had removed his shirt. I thought this odd and hoped that I would not be witness to some sort of self-abuse. Averting my eyes, I shut off my monitor and my speakers and then looked out again.

Now he had a small bowl and was running a small torch or lighter underneath it.

Apparently, you can not only smell the dead around my office, but you can also see people shooting up.

That’s all for today. Thanks for your support!


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