TSA Bites Donkey! Somewhat…

This has nothing to do with anything scenic, interesting or exciting, but I have to write about it to voice my frustration with the direction of this country. Yep, it’s my very own TSA rant! I’m sure everyone has one by now, luggage shuffled, sideways glances from power-tripping deputies and embarrassing cavity searches. 

I just have a short one and it’s not that horrible, but one of those little things that just really pissed me off. I was getting ready to take off from San Francisco back to Santa Fe. I’d just left my lovely lady friend at school and I was  a bit spent from a four-hour drive. I checked my bag, grabbed my ticket and headed for the gate. 

Fast forward two days later. I’m finally getting around to unpacking my backpack and as I open the top compartment I’m greeted by one of those friendly little notes saying that the folks from Covenant Security, covenant aviation security logoa private company hired by the TSA to root through our crap, had indeed rooted through my things. Unfortunately when they unpacked my bag they didn’t bother to repack things the way they were. My well-wrapped camera, which I had enveloped in a hat and two shirts, was left in my pack unwrapped and during all of the loading and unloading of bags, my lens hood was bent.

So I called the number to try and get some  help filling out a claim. No one answered my message, so I called again and finally got a woman who said she’d send me a claim form in five minutes. It never arrived, so I called again. And again. I left my fifth message yesterday afternoon and have yet to hear from them.

It’s a $70 part, which isn’t the end of the world, but it really sucks. If you’re flying through San Francisco and you see Screener #126676, please punch him or her in the respective gonads. And just in case you’re curious, here’s the Web site for Covenant Aviation Security.

Kind regards.

Add. – Hey folks, just an FYI. Someone from the TSA responded to my blog-a-roo here and so I’d just like to say, please refrain from punching anyone and be sure you take off your belt when going through the screening point! See the comment in the comment section below! Exciting and fun and slightly scary.


5 thoughts on “TSA Bites Donkey! Somewhat…

  1. Bob here from the TSA blog. I came across your post today and I’m sorry to hear you’ve had some trouble. Have you used the new “Got Feedback?” program? If not, go to http://www.tsa.gov/gotfeedback and you will be able to contact the customer support manager via e-mail at San-Fran. This is a new program that promises a fast response and has been extremely successful. Just a suggestion…. FYI – I’ve never bitten a donkey, but a nativity donkey bit my daughter once. 🙂

    Blogger Bob
    TSA EoS Blog Team

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  4. goodislove says:

    Yeah, they replied to this blog. It was the only way to get the attention of the stooges at Covenant Security, who still rejected my claim after three appeals on the basis that unwrapping and object and not bothering to rewrap it didn’t constitute ‘negligent behavior.’ Tools, every single one of them. Why are we putting our security in the hands of private security firms who only answer to profit’s motivations?

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