Wis. Break, Pt. 2 – Irene

So back to Wisconsin again. This isn’t much about New Mexico anymore is it?

When I went to visit my family for my brother’s wedding (http://www.troyfreund.com), I managed to stop by my old university. While there I ran in to Irene, one of my favorite people there.

She commented that I hadn’t posted anything in quite some time and I made up some lame excuse about how busy I was because I am a very important person. And she believed it. But that’s all beside the fact, what really happened was that I changed locations and she missed the boat and was stuck reading old entries on my old crapball blog, so I made her a promise.

Irene and Me

Irene and Me

Yes, I told her I would feature a column extolling her virtues and a photo. And this is it. Irene is one of the finest people I know. throughout my time at Stritch she always greeted me with a smile. She never castigated me for a late PO and she always was an eager reader of all the other stuff I’ve written. That alone merits a picture. So here it is Irene, here’s to you and thanks for being your wonderful self.


4 thoughts on “Wis. Break, Pt. 2 – Irene

  1. Irene says:

    you silly boy…I didn’t know I was on Candid Camera…less photos of me, please, and more of you and that sweet little kitteh of yours!!

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