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The Cairns of Santa Fe

Yeah, I never actually knew what that word meant when I first saw it, but  apparently cairns are those little piles of rocks people put alongside trails so the slightly slow folks like me don’t get lost. Usually they are a few rocks stacked on top of each other, but here in Santa Fe, they’re slightly different.

As Bree and I were hiking up in the Sangre de Cristos the other day we came across a small baggie of dog poop hanging in a tree alongside the trail. I had seen this before on other trails that I’ve hiked, though not always hanging in a tree.

It’s as if the people feel the burden of responsibility to bag their dog’s poop, but then neglect the additional responsibility of carrying the shit out. So now, instead of having dog shit that will decompose and nourish the soil, we have little baggies of dog shit littering the trails.


This is exactly what I'm talking about.

Bree ran back and took a picture of this one and said I should write an entry about it since she was leaving and I’d soon  have nothing better to do that write about dog shit in trees. So a little poem to the Santa Fe Shit Baggers:

If in a woods, your dog wants to shit

In a bag you ought put it, and carry it.

If you let it lie, cover it with dirt,

or it’s all of us others who will really hurt.

Your shitbags are stinky, steamy and gross

And you and your dog are dumb.

I’m sorry if this poem is horrible, but rest assured it is heartfelt. Keep the trails clean folks!


One thought on “The Cairns of Santa Fe

  1. kozmosis says:

    An eloquent poem, tis … however, these are times of action! (not words) … I like to imagine a world in which an army of homeless men (& women) patrol the woods … bearing witness to ne’er-do-wells … and vindicting the fouled … and their valiant leader?

    Tom Waits 🙂

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