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On Bikes

Today I was riding my bike on my way home from breakfast. Whenever I reach a stoplight, I tend to move into the middle of the lane so that people won’t turn into me, which has happened on at least three occasions here in Santa Fe (see Pet Peeve, Pt. 2).

As I waited at the stoplight behind two people in cars, a jangly man came running over to me from the liquor store, darting across the street and quickly up in my face. I say jangly, not because he was wearing bells, but because he had this way of walking that seemed slightly wobbly and if you attached bells to him, he might jangle. 

“Hey man, you’re doing it, you’re really doing it!” he said while clutching a plastic bag with a six-pack in his right hand. 

“Look at all of these people riding around in cars! And you’re out here on a bike! You’re doing it man, you’re totally doing it. No way we need all of these cars. Just look at all these suckers,” he stated more emphatically. 

Usually when a jangly person walks up to me it involves a small donation or some bewildered rambling, but this guy was excited to see me on a bike. Really excited. And he’d taken the time to run out into the street with cars whizzing around us and tell me that.

As the light turned to green, he jumped back up on the sidewalk and shouted, “Bless you man!”

This made me feel very good.


One thought on “On Bikes

  1. kozmosis says:

    A great story – one of those moments where life is strangely interesting … I love the concept of a “jangly” man … hmmm .. there may be a story in there somewhere …

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