cockfights, SantaFe

Stereotypes Collide in Santa Fe

The other day (meaning about three or four months ago) I was sitting around minding my own business and watching Mix the cat who had figured out how to get up on the ledge above the door.

Suddenly KABOOM!!! Crash and Screams! Destruction!

Kitty leaps down from his lofty perch and takes shelter under the sink in some cranny. I run to the front to witness a shirtless, tatted-up, hispanic man leap out of his Land Rover and run back to a suburban that had crashed into my neighbor’s wall.

The Hispanic man grabs the door open starts trying to choke the driver who was in a black Chevy Suburban with one of those weird plastic Thule roof racks (“Not enough room in this truck, so I have to add more storage capacity!”). The driver of the suburban is a caucasian man in his 50s with long gray hair pulled into a ponytail and a denim button-up shirt.

So I run back to get my phone to call 911 and then run outside. By that time, the two men have been subdued and people are freaking out and the all are warring with words and difficult glances. The wife who had been in the Land Rover is screaming about her husband being sent back to jail and holy balls! The wife of the other man is screaming at the other people and has to be subdued.

From what I heard of the story, the two men had been in a disagreement and so the hispanic man was chasing the gray-haired ponytail dude and he unwittingly turned down our street, which wasn’t a good idea since there are no outlets. So the guy in the Land Rover forced the other man off the road, ran him into a wall and then tried to throttle him.

Luckily no one was seriously injured, but there was a small boy in the back seat of the Land Rover and I saw the news in the paper the next day and the guy in the Land Rover was charged with a whole laundry list of dirty deeds.

Now, I would ordinarily find no humor in this situation, but…

A while ago a friend visited and he commented on the number of older men sporting ponytails in Santa Fe. I’d never noticed it before, but it was true. If you don’t have latin roots, you’re likely some 50-something caucasian guy with a ponytail. I guess it’s not really funny, but it was interesting to see these two collide outside my house.

Mix the cat emerged from under the sink two hours later.


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