New Mexico, SantaFe

NM Freecycle Voracity Test #1

Freecycling. Do you know this word, this freecycling? Well let me tell you. It is really great. You should freecycle if you want to be cool. I wrote about it briefly here.

Look around your house right now. Do you have more plates than you need? Maybe you have a couple extra plungers? Or you might have a broken turnip twaddler you’ve been meaning to fix, but never bothered with. You could leave these things sitting around occupying precious space, you could try to hold a garage sale, you could throw them in the trash or you could join a freecylce group and get hooked up with folks who want things you don’t want.

freecycle logoVisit to get information on a freecycle network near you.

The Santa Fe freecycle scene is a rapacious gathering of folks all waiting for the next exciting freebie. I once posted extra binders we had at work and five people requested them within 15 minutes. My latest challenge is to test test the voracity of New Mexico freecyclers by finding random items in my house that I think no one would want.

In February, I posted a christmas tree stand (never too early to begin plans for next year). I figured it would take a couple days, but was certain someone would claim it. A day passed. A week went by. Finally it pushed into months and I felt proud that I’d discovered the limit of ‘want’ in Santa Fe.

Cinco Brand Tree StandLast week I re-discovered my tree stand and decided to give it a try again. I posted it. A Jewish friend sent an e-mail wishing for a menorah stand. Another friend popped up saying he had collected two tree stands from the dump and was also looking for tree stand homes. But no takers surfaced.

I had almost given up hope after a week of waiting. No one wanted my little tree stand. Each day would pass and I would somberly check my e-mail to no avail.

Until tonight.

Arriving home from dinner with a friend I logged onto my computer and found an e-mail:

Yes, I am interested in preparing for the next Christmas season as my wife and I recently moved to Santa Fe and left our stands in our east coast storage unit.

Success! Someone took what I thought was lost.

The best part about Freecycling is meeting the people. The exchange is always a little awkward. After years of exchanging money for goods, it’s weird to just show up somewhere and have a stranger hand you something you need. There’s an awkward glance and then both look at the item and it gets handed over.

Sometimes there’s halting conversation, “How long have you been freecycling?”

“Oh, like a couple years.”

“Yeah, it’s really great.”

And then you get back on your bike and strap an old birdcage to the rack and head home wondering what just happened.

But seriously, visit to get information on a freecycle network near you.


2 thoughts on “NM Freecycle Voracity Test #1

  1. kozmosis says:

    There is so right and simple and beautiful about the concept of sharing … your words have inspired me to do just that … I shall shed my tawdry wares into the hands of the needy … and take what I wish from the rest … brilliant!

  2. goodislove says:

    Do it and your random things. In my Freecycle Voracity Test #2, which I just conducted this weekend, I got rid of a slew of old mix tapes that I had in my car that had a tape player. They went quicker than the tree stand.

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