Unpublished Poems from Guate

These were written in a flurry of creative activity during my time in the Peace Corps in Guatemala from 2003-2005. They are reflections on the world outside my window, dogs stuck together and all of them poor bitches.

    I keep inside

Out my window
Dogs barking
Children pooping
Pigs screaming
People drinking
Babies crying

    Life as a bitch

Blazing nipples
Like a saddle strung
Stirrups hanging
My dog’s still smiling

    Stuck Fuck

You’ve seen it all before
It’ll happened again
Stuck somewhere you don’t want to be
Just cause they smell your pee.


2 thoughts on “Unpublished Poems from Guate

  1. goodislove says:

    Thanks for your consistent commenting. It feels like real one-to-one communication going on. Please continue tickling my heart strings.

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