New Mexico, SantaFe

On the Scene at Santa Fe’s Flying Star

Along with the charm of living in one of the oldest cities in America… or is it oldest continuously occupied city? Wait, no, maybe it’s the oldest capital… superlatives be damned, I don’t know.

Regardless, along with the charm comes the curse of inadequate pluming. It was on one such morning where I realized that our toilet was plugged – but not the get out the plunger kind – no, it was something much deeper.

While waiting for help, where does one go to the bathroom? Why, if you’re lucky like me, you can just shuffle a hurried block down the road to Santa Fe’s newest restaurant, The Flying Star!

flying star stuffThe Flying Star is an Albuquerque tradition that has been exported North. A counter service, wide menu with decent coffee, great desserts and well-stocked magazine racks type of place. They opened up this past spring.

I went there once with some co-workers and a trumpeter from the Ringling Brother’s Barnum &Bailey Circus. It was nice, an airy open space, relaxed atmosphere. I ordered a B.L.T. off their ample menu.

The B.L.T. is the sandwich by which I regularly judge a restaurant. Yes, there are better ways by which to judge a restaurant (and I’d like to hear yours), but I choose the B.L.T. It’s difficult to screw up. Anything else, there are interpretations where chefs, given to creative inspiration, might change it up. But not the B.L.T. It’s a pass/fail sandwich. No gradations.

Well, they screwed it up. I left that day (and a subsequent day when I got a crappy chicken pot pie) slightly dismayed.

So back to the potty mouth. The one redeeming factor that makes the Flying Star worthwhile is easy restroom access. It’s the closest thing to a public restroom in this town. You can slip through the back door unnoticed, use the loo and be on your way with narry a look.

On this particular morning I made my way down the road to utilize the restroom. Just as I was about to cross the road, a familiar homeless man in a flannel and underpants sauntered through the door. Not wanting to disturb him, I decided to wait until I got to work.

So the word is out folks! Have to use the restroom in Santa Fe? Come quick and dip into the Flying Star! You won’t be disappointed. Just leave the B.L.T. alone.


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