Holy crap, New Mexico, SantaFe

I have a burrito for you

Many people will write many things about Santa Fe, but none of them are true. There is no truth in this town, no truth in this world, no truth at all, until you have sampled the finest breakfast burrito known to humankind.

Best Breakfast Burritos at El Chile Toreado

Best Breakfast Burritos at El Chile Toreado

If you happen to find yourself in Santa Fe, I beseech thee to go a bit further and find your way to El Chile Toreado, a small unassuming food cart just off Cordova Road behind the Wild Oats on St. Francis.

I really want to write a clever entry tonight, but I cannot. This breakfast burrito goes above and beyond any description I could conjure. The green salsa tucked inside, the grease that gently drips onto your hands as gorge yourself while sitting on milk crates in a parking lot  behind a tire store.

It really is too much to describe with its thick chunks of bacon commingling with billowy eggs and soft potatoes. Wrapped in shiny aluminum foil, it becomes your best friend, your closest confidant, your soulmate, your spouse and eventually leaves you widowed as you wipe the last bits from your mouth with a soiled napkin.

This is a dealbreaker, a lovetaker, a man maker. I can’t say anymore. Go there now, get there before 10:30am and get the bacon one. Or the chorizo one. Or the vegetarian one. Just go now and feel God’s light shine upon you.


3 thoughts on “I have a burrito for you

  1. possibly the best breakfast burrito…but in the land of enchantment the breakfast burrito is what everybody has. what Luis really makes that is special and nobody else really does is the buche tacos. a real taste of mexico…the best.

  2. goodislove says:

    See, just one more thing. I just had the breakfast burrito (which everyone does) and never even bothered to try anything else. Buche tacos, you will be mine.

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