And now it begins…

I’ve been eying it up since I heard about it. The Haribo Factory (Hans Riegel Bonn) in Bonn has an internationally renowned badminton center on its campus. And yes, for those of you who don’t know, this world renowned producer of gummis and other candies is based in Bonn and if I could convey the delightful odor of this plant through the wonders of the Internet, I surely would.

But back to the point, I’m not sure if Hans Riegel was a big badminton fan, but it is indeed a beautiful space to engage in some serious shuttlecocking. Today I took the first step toward playing there. On my first investigative visit, I noticed a board reserved for people searching for badminton partners.

I thought this might be a fun way to make friends and so today I stopped in and filled out a form and posted it on the wall. I’m not sure if ‘Anfänger’ means ‘beginner,’ but that’s the level I marked on the card.

If you would like to visit or learn more about the Haribo Badminton Center, please click this link. If you come to visit, we will schedule some time to enjoy this fine activity.


3 thoughts on “And now it begins…

  1. Irene Gillmeier says:


    so happy to hear that you’re getting the opportunity to live in Germany! Yes, Anfaenger does mean beginner, so you’ve not signed up for advanced shuttlecockry (a word? I think not…but it sounds rather “elevated” aina?). I still keep track of what you’re up to…thanks for keeping me informed. Lass es dir alles gut schmecken! Und sauf eina Radler fuer mich! Sorry, the Bavarian in me slips out every now and again – but once you start thinking you’re understanding everything, head to Bayern, and enjoy the dialect.

    as always, missing your wonderful presence here at CSU…

    • goodislove says:

      Not yet. I lost my phone the other day in Ikea, so if they’re calling, they probably won’t find me. Gotta’ go back and update it.

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