Holy crap

Cats! Turkey! Delight!

Hello happy friend.

There are cats, cats all around. There are cats on the streets and they are wandering through my mind by day, by night and in my private times. I thought this was going to be an interesting post, but then I realized that everyone else in the world had already experienced the overwhelming quantity of stray cats overrunning Turkey. And they do a better job explaining it than I would.

Like this one, one of the few useful stories I’ve ever found on Fox News, “Stray cats strut Istanbul’s streets, a symbol of tradition in a churning metropolis.

Google does a pretty good job of compiling mentions of the stray cats in Turkey, so I’m not going to bore you with all sorts of observations on the subject.

Though I was impressed at how tame they all were and I don’t think I even got lice or feline herpes or anything from handling this little fellow.


One thought on “Cats! Turkey! Delight!

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