Bialowieza Addendum

Addendum to the post Old Growth: Bialowieza Forest

Upon arriving on the outskirts of Bialowieza, I realized I had no idea where I should hop off the bus. And the driver wouldn’t stop unless someone told him to. So finally after a bit of time I worked up the nerve to inquire about the location of the ‘Bialow%@&*^@a’ Forest (at this point I had not yet conceived of how to pronounce the name of my destination)

He responded with the universal body language for, “thanks a lot for telling me now, numbnuts,” and let me and three other forest seekers off the bus. He hopped out, pulled my pack out from below, pointed us in the general direction and sped away.

Undeterred and eager for forest, we got our rain coats and began the kilometer walk back to where we should have told him we wanted to get off. While walking and introducing ourselves (me and three astrophysicists – two French, one Polish and all quite nice), this little fellow below joined us.

This puppy is worth the visit to Poland.

Just an ordinary, little rapscallion with nothing better to do than tag along. He scampered at our side, biting at our shoelaces and being the kind of affable puppy you want to equal parts squeeze with love or kick in frustration. We all hoped he would continue along with us for the rest of the trip, but in the picture above is where we parted ways, our little chap happily standing by the side of a house eating some other dog’s excrement, I believe.

Oh, wait, hey look! A horned squirrel!!

This is a squirrel with horns. And a nut.

So fast forward to roughly 12:30pm the next day. After a successful forest visit, a reserved birthday celebration, a victorious breakfast with Obama and my new Polish grandma, and a personally guided tour of the Bialowieza museum, I ran into our little friend on the town hall wall.

So if you’re in any way interested in a NAGRODA (a reward, I think), maybe you could go there and find this puppy.

Our little chap on the lam.


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