Follow the Signs: Things I like in Germany


Remember when you were a kid and you could cut through the neighbor’s yard on the way home from school? Is cutting through the neighbor’s yard even a thing anymore? Do kids still walk?

Well, that’s beside the point. The point here is that if you happen to find yourself in Germany and you see this sign, don’t be concerned. This is not a place to abscond away with small children. No, this sign indicates a city sanctioned backyard shortcut. Most times they’re shorter than walking the sidewalk; sometimes they aren’t.

But I have never regretted taking one.

They’re often out of the way, you’ll never find a car on one, you can see what’s coming up in the garden and steal some blackberries. Plus the air is generally clearer. And as a marginally nosy neighbor, I have discovered that these paths are the perfect opportunity to stick your nose in other people’s business legally.

All hail the blue circle sign with the woman and the kid.


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