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Be Here Now

vintage-bell-telephone-naked-baby-ad5Since the spaceship landed, parenthood has rendered me little more than a twitching fatherly fiber. I currently have 10 drafts – one for each month since our time traveler joined us – just a few words when my mind has a chance to clear before something new knocks my head off.

And then it’s all out of date.

In becoming a father, I was certain that I would churn out chronicles of experience as steady as a stream of conscious. Hilarious observations, delightful learnings, dangerous debacles, and a fountain of love.

But up until now I’ve uttered nary a peep.

Every single day there are roughly 353,000 children born. Parenthood is as common as you can get, it’s as natural as going to the bathroom in the morning after that first cup of coffee. 

But here’s the trick, it’s not.

Because every single darn one of those kids has traveled on a beam of light across the universe and plopped on this planet. Do you know what happens when you become a parent? It’s not a kid, it’s the birth of an entire new world. A little being capable of taking in and taking apart all of our surroundings and creating their own world.

Being a parent – there’s nothing so simultaneously public and private, anonymous and well-trodden. So yes, it’s everything you’d figure it would be. And yes, it’s that mundane and annoying – like those parents who talk about their kid’s bowel movements or compare porridge recipes.

But the thing I’ve come to understand is to ‘Be Here Now‘. Learning and growing happens so quick, and as a parent I am so tired, and processing and writing and understanding just takes too much time.

You never quite fall into a routine, but you are constantly and consistently forced to focus on being present and being here, which is where you child is.

And that’s as it should be.

So I apologize. I’m sure no one has missed what I would have written on this subject. Besides, if you look around, the whole parent mommy-daddy blog thing is completely played out.

More to come, maybe. But don’t get excited. We’re busy here.


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