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Fair Trade for Whom?

It started creeping up a few months ago. In some context in the political arena, it was mentioned, “We need fair trade, not free trade!”

And I appreciated that. I got excited. I mean, I work for Fairtrade America. This is the kind of stuff that could drive interest through the roof.

Boy howdy, I thought, well here we go. Someone really gets it. Someone who understands that many of our current problems result from exploitation of those less fortunate. The fact that costs on store shelves hardly ever consider externalities – the true costs. The horrible way power is consolidated in trade houses and risk is heaped on farmers, the ones with the most to lose. Someone who realizes that bigger isn’t always better.

Then I realized who said it.

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Pure Bullshit

My favorite spam

It’s tempting, I know. Reading through this one took every last drop of my willpower to resist clicking. Who is ‘This guy’ they link to? Will it take me to a picture of him? What about the shocking story? Live action of ‘This guy’ almost getting himself killed lulled into a delusion of safety by his closet full of guns?

And really, what if you were wearing a suit made of guns so that anyone who tried to come near you would be filled with holes? Would that trump this new method of protection? I’m not sure and I may never know. I didn’t have the guts to click any of the links.

What about you, do you value the safety of your family enough to click!?!?

My New Favorite Spam

This shows up when you search 'alternatives protection guns'

This shows up when you search ‘alternatives protection guns’.

This guy almost got himself
killed…because he thought he was
protected by his guns…

Here’s the shocking story that will make
you think twice if you are confident
that your guns will save you:

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Even though guns can protect you…in
reality, when a crisis happens so
quickly…guns actually give you a false
sense of protection.

Instead, there are simple tricks that
ANYONE can use…even seniors, or people
with disabilities…to disarm any
attacker and take down anyone (no matter
how big they are) with only 1 hit.

>>>You’ll discover the method here.

Stay Safe!
Frank Bell

P.S. Self defence experts have already
sent me numerous hate mails, claiming
that I’m destroying their businesses by
exposing the truth.

But I believe you and your family
deserve to know the real facts about
self protection

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P.P.S: This Is The Secret Move I’m Talking About::