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A world without coffee

imagine a world without coffee

Coffee Kids is celebrating their 25th Anniversary. As part of it, they’re asking their friends, fans, donors, and accomplices to imagine a world without coffee. And it really comes down to this.

Without healthy, local economies, food security, education, and the other opportunities so many of us are used to, coffee farming families struggle year after year to make ends meet – even if they are doing Fairtrade/Direct Trade/or some variation of the sort. Coffee Kids works with coffee-farming communities to make this right.

By supporting local initiatives outside of coffee in economic diversification, health care, education, and food security, Coffee Kids and their partners help build up communities, which ultimately results in better coffee for you and a better quality of life for them.

I didn’t really drink coffee before I started working at Coffee Kids. But soon I was drawn into the whole excitement of barista championships – I’d follow the cover barista from Barista Magazine on Twitter when each new issue dropped in the mail, I started veering into thinking about the grind and water temperature, I tried to apply the even 35 lbs of pressure that Bill Fishbein said I needed to make a good espresso. I’m not close to as wonky as I should be, but I keep trying.

By the time I left Coffee Kids for Fairtrade International, I was regularly imbibing. And it was great. I continued drinking coffee daily. My lovely, ladyfriend taught me how to properly use a moka pot I found on the curb to make some delicious things. I sought out specialty roasters in my area. And so I was on my way.

Now, to take this in a different direction, as a former Catholic (I officially renounced all religion partially because of German tax laws), I still like the idea of Lent. It’s time for reflection and investigating your habits. Learning to be mindful. So this year I decided to give up caffeine.

And I’m going to try and keep up more regularly on this blog and focus on coffee and what the world would be like without it. So this one is for the gang at Coffee Kids. Go take a look, donate a few shekels to them and appreciate your morning cup. Because I won’t be able to for a while.