11:30 pm in a Park in Atlanta

Gentle Asian woman

smoking cigarettes

typing, texting, sexting

looking for a home

something to hold onto

Eddie Money said it best,

“Baby, hold onto me.”

Times are going fast.


Observations of Sarah Palin/My Mom

So last night Bree and I watched some of Charlie Gibson’s interview with Sarah Palin (The woman is a nightmare. Is it really true that the Republicans could find no other qualified woman in their ranks? Elizabeth Dole, somebody, please!??!).

The most startling revelation was her pitiful knowledge of foreign affairs and her lack of anything relevant to add to the conversation. I realized that my very own mother has more experience in foreign affairs than this vice presidential candidate.

Back when my parents and brother Tyler visited me in Guatemala, we were standing in line to board an airplane to the Mayan ruins of Tikal. Suddenly, I looked behind us and saw Alvaro Colom in line. Colom was a candidate for president in Guatemala in 2003 and while he lost that election, he was recently elected president in 2007.

So I introduced him to my parents and had my picture taken with him. I was blown away that he was in line behind us. But that’s beside the point. With that simple encounter, my mother accrued the political capital and experience necessary to be vice president.

Sarah Palin? Hasn’t met a single head of state and has only visited Canada, Mexico and Kuwait. She counts being able to see Russia from her state as some sort of qualification. I think my mom gets extra points for actually meeting a foreign head of state. Plus my mom went on a cruise once, so that counts for something as well.

So I say this, friends, call in now, tell McCain you want Mary Ann Freund for Veep! She has the experience and the knowledge to lead in these trying times! Hell, she raised six boys, managed to help keep our family farm afloat for 21 years and could be the finest diplomat I know.

McCain/Freund, ’08!*

*Although I’d probably still vote for Obama. Sorry, Mom.