Depressing, Just Depressing… or Really Great

Yesterday Bree and I were hiking up Tesuque Canyon at sunset. A creek of mountain snow runoff was burbling below us and we were enveloped in the serenity of a dreamy Sunday afternoon.. then, I’m not sure what triggered it, but my brain was suddenly infiltrated by an ad for wine coolers, and not just any ad, but some corn ad with Bruce Willis from when I was a small child and I couldn’t get it out of my head.

So today I went onto Youtube and lo and behold, here it is…

The human mind is at turns amazing and stultifying. Am I really occupying precious memory space with a wine cooler ad featuring Bruce Willis? And what was this ad about? Were they trying to convince men that it’s okay to drink sissy girl drinks instead of Miller High Life or grain alcohol?

I’m going to eat a sandwich.


3 thoughts on “Depressing, Just Depressing… or Really Great

  1. DLohr says:

    while bruce was subliminally infiltrating your young mind w/the duality of wet- and dryness in one neatly marketed package, he had my mom running all over fondy & beaver dam. and it was all because i wanted boxer shorts, just like the ones bruce wore on “moonlighting”, instead of those handsome tiddy whities everyone else marked their skids in.

    the subject of scorn & ridicule by my classmates when they found out, i was clearly ahead of my time at MHS in the mid 80’s. and while all of this never culminated in my lusty teen desire to snuggle w/cybill shepherd in those cutting edge undergarments, it got me out of jc penny’s & sears briefs … and it’s a part of my daily life that i’d also long forgotten about.

    so i thrust a wine cooler bottle/microphone skyward and toast you, bruce. yippy-ki-ya, my golden die cooler mofo.

  2. goodislove says:

    Boy, I didn’t know about these boxer shorts. What did they look like? Where can I get them now?

    I eventually graduated from tidy whities to boxers in high school and college and now find meself firmly entrenched in boxer briefs. I’m like a politician.

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